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List of Works

Japanese Garden Alto Flute, Harp, Gong (2013)

Water Music – Fixed Media (2013)

Slaves of Job for 8 Voices (2013)

What is the Question? For full Orchestra (2014)

Colibri Colibrisa for Solo Alto Saxophone (2014)

Stream for Guitar and Clarinet (2017)

Untitled for Large Ensemble (Electric Guitar, Haegum, Melodica, Violin, Viola, Soprano, Alto Saxophone, French Horn, Double Bass, Clarinet) (2018)

Etude for String Quartet (2018)

Etude for Wind Ensemble (2018)

Illuminated Grey for Large Ensemble (Tenor, Violin, Vibraphone, Percussion, Alto Saxophone, Flute, and Electronics) (2019)

Cor for Clarinet and Piano (2019)

Cross-Current for Electric Guitar, Vibraphone, Drums, Double Bass, and Alto Saxophone (2019)

Sonic Diary – Fixed Media (2019)

Samuel Beckett in Ipanema – Fixed Media (2019)

Dark Lantern for String Orchestra + Piano, Clarinet, Trumpet, and Flute (2020)

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