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I have been actively teaching guitar for over 6 year years now. I've taught from elementary school level to college level. It is a passion of mine and if you are interested in lessons both online or in-person, please feel free to contact me for a quote.


"Marc is a great teacher who is eager to share his love of music. He knows so much about music theory and history. He has taught me some really helpful practice techniques for learning to play difficult pieces. He always has helpful ideas about different chord voicings, or about a different place on the fretboard to play a particular chord or note, that would make something easier to play or make it sound better. He has even taught me quite a bit about improvisation. In addition to knowing his stuff, Marc is also a really pleasant person to deal with and I look forward to my lessons with him each week."   


"I'm new to the guitar, and have been working with Marc for about 4 months (weekly 1-hour lessons). Gotta say, he's just what I was looking for in an instructor:
- Friendly, patient, and understanding of the chasm between what he knows (so very much) and what I know (practically nothing)
- Smart, smart smart
- Rigorous and expansive in his instruction, and my course of study
- Regularly reinforces the spectrum of experiences I should have with my guitar - theory, technical focussed study, listening (ear training, recordings of songs, etc), changing the environment in which I play, performing (versus study), and, importantly, simple pure enjoyment

"All of the above would be great to find in an instructor, but, on top of that, it's so clear that mark LOVES music, the guitar, and teaching. That love and passion is inspiring as I work, learn, stretch and enjoy this new journey."


"If you're looking to improve your guitar playing and musical depth, I highly recommend Marc Zollinger.  He's a guitarist with lots of experience in performance, composition, and teaching. As a fan of world music, I originally contacted him because I thought it would be fun to learn some Brazilian songs from an actual Brazilian guitarist and maybe clean up some technique issues.  I did not expect how wide my mind would be opened by the harmonic and rhythmic richness of the music and how deftly Marc would guide me into both classical guitar (for my technique) and jazz (for my brain).  Nor how much I would enjoy both!

I grew up in a musical family and took lessons in piano and trumpet from 5th grade through college.  Lessons with Marc are totally different-- always fun, always interesting, and integrative in the sense that I now understand much better why aspects of music work and how different styles, genres, and periods are interconnected.  It makes playing and listening much more satisfying and grounded in multiple traditions.

I consider myself an intermediate player and Marc teaches at that level very fluidly.  He mixes performance and theory at a pace that I'm capable of.  I'm sure he would also be very skilled with beginners, as well as experts looking to add some jazz or Brazilian flavor to their repertoire."


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